• Lesley Heidrich

Berger's Disease

I want to share a friend's need. A story that hits my heart.

And to ask for your help.

"After a routine blood test we discovered my wife was ill - she had zero symptoms. Within two or three months, Berger's Disease had reduced her kidney function to 9%. My wife needs a kidney transplant. She is one of 93,000 people waiting on the kidney transplant list and the typical wait time is 5 years. We don't have that time. We are looking to the world and kindness around us to find someone who is a match to my wife, Jamie, someone who believes in giving the gift of life to an angel that truly deserves it. The world needs people more like her. We' are hoping that that generous someone is you."

Your help spreading (and reposting if you can) this message is all we are asking in trying to find a living donor. If you are willing to be a potential match, please send my friend an email at

Berger's Disease is rare and has no certain cause, but as it worsens, blood flow to one's arms and legs decreases. Tissues that do not receive blood don't get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive. A kidney transplant for Jamie will save her life.

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