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Cleanse & Rebuild

I’m not a big fan of the “traditional cleanses” most individuals promote, the classic one being drinking nothing but liquids. However... I went to a seminar not long ago and happened upon a book entitled, “The Medical Medium”, by Anthony William. Intrigued by the title, I picked it up and perused the content. I was impressed by the little bit that I read: it talked about a 28 day cleanse (which goes totally against my everything of health) but was something completely different.

It gave lists of foods - YES, EDIBLE FOODS, not just liquids - fresh juices, fruits, and greens to eat. It also listed foods to avoid in order for the cleans to work.

If you’re a novice with cleanses, the book has levels from beginner to the fully experienced. Though it's not my first choice, it does promote raw a diet. What I took from the book, and decided to do, was only a slightly augmented version of what was being suggested. My diet consisted of 40% cooked food, and 60% raw.

This particular cleanse maximizes the nutrition you get in every meal, flooding your body with the building blocks it craves. The vitamins, minerals, microorganisms, and other nourishing components help cleanse and strengthen every system in your body. For, when your body is not busy processing heavy fats and proteins, or additives/allergens, it frees up hours every day for rebuilding on a cellular level. I also believe it helps cleanse and rebuild the soul. As your body remineralizes, alkalizes, detoxifies, and mends, your soul learns that powerhouse foods like fruits are the true sustenance that will bring it comfort.

You’ll find that you:

Sleep better, more soundly Have a more uplifted mood Have more energy Crave less and less sugar/carbs Have zero heartburn Have no constipation or diarrhea Have no headaches (or very limited) Will notice weight loss Have nicer skin

Be forewarned: initially (first 3 days) as the body goes through the detox, you may experience unpleasant emotional and physical sensations. Emotionally, you may be a bit more irritable or sensitive than usual. Physically, you may experience some fatigue or light headaches. However, after these first few days in which your bloodstream is cleansing itself, your liver will  start to do its work by releasing the toxins its been storing for a long time. For these reasons, needing extra rest during this time is not an uncommon occurrence.

If you're interested in giving it a try, below is a sample menu:

Early AM: celery juice (I do enough to fill a shot glass) - this jump starts metabolism

Breakfast: Smoothie - bananas, dates, frozen wild berries

Mid morning: smoothie (same as breakfast)

Lunch: Salad - baby spinach, butter lettuce, cucumber, sprouts, orange segments.

Blended dressing: fresh orange juice (I used oranges), avocado, garlic

Mid Afternoon: pear slices with celery sticks

Dinner: Spinach soup- Spinach, tomato, celery, cilantro, fresh orange juice, scallions, cucumber noodles

Evening snack: apple slices with dates

Good luck and happy eating!

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