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For the Love of Wellness

Not all treatments are created equal...

I'll be honest, I have a few favorites. Specifically, knee, allergy/sinus, and stress/anxiety treatments!

For knee treatments, needless are placed directly at and around the knee. They invigorate great blood and oxygen supply to the area. Why do I love this treatment? Well, because most people see quick results! Knees are weight bearing joints, so as a patient moves and/or walks about immediately following a treatment, there are noticeable improvements. The full results of the acupuncture treatment may take a little while, but some changes can happen even as soon as a patient goes to leave the office.

Another one of my favorite treatments is for allergies/sinuses, where gentle needles are placed in particular areas of the face. Because of the sensitive location of the needles, this treatment is also one that results in immediate improvement... sometimes even so immediate as to be noticeable while the needles are still in place. Sinuses loosen up and drain in the back of the throat, allowing for ease of nasal breathing. Relief comes quickly!

My final (and most) favorite treatment is for stress and anxiety. We live in such a stressful society, so to see people leave my office relaxed, zen, and almost feeling like they’re on another planet... well, there’s no better feeling than knowing I helped get them there! It's satisfying to me and a huge relief for them! For such treatments, I prefer using ear acupuncture. It’s the closest proximity to the brain and so needles within the ear communicate well telling the brain “it’s time to relax.” I also use some auxiliary points on the arms and legs to enhance the treatment, and ensure the patient gets the best results possible. 

So, make my week! Come get a knee, allergy, or anxiety treatment! You need it, and I love it!

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