• Lesley Heidrich

Herbs as the Next Step

I offer herbal supplements alongside acupuncture treatments. I have both an Eastern and Western background in medicine and collaborate with like-minded individuals to give my patients the best possible results. Herbal formulas are custom made to fit a patient's condition, as no two people are alike.

Since not everyone is a candidate for herbs, I tend to start out with acupuncture first. I like to get to know a patient before prescribing any herbal formula; there are times when herbs aren’t necessary, as the acupuncture is healing enough. For some people though, herbs are a great addition to treatments in order to achieve maximum results.

Before prescribing any type of herbal formula, Acupuncturists read a patient's tongue (yes, your tongue says a lot about you!) and Chinese pulse. I am also sure to take detailed notes of the patient's history- I observe and listen carefully. I pay particular attention to how a patient sits, walks, talks, and to their facial expressions, complexion, etc. When I've gathered as much information as I can, I put it all together to form a Chinese diagnosis. This way - with some wonderful input from a like-minded herbalist and his group - I’m able to further assist my patients. Sometimes I feel a custom formula is not necessary. In that case, I work with two fantastic companies where I can simply order ready-made formulas. 

Herbal formulas can help with anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia, and pain. However, all herbs are patient depended: not everyone is a candidate for them, but they are a great option to have!

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