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Beat the Winter Cold

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

When I treat you for a cold in acupuncture, we are activating points that bring your phlegm out of your body. Just like getting a good massage rids us of toxins, mucus holds the germs that make us sick. I go straight for the source to ease the symptoms immediately. In addition, I looooove...


Wonderful for coughing. Both productive and dry, the Bosc pear has marvelous healing  properties that lubricate the lungs, relaxes the muscles, and helps calm coughing. 


-clean pear well

-Remove stem (top and bottom of pear)

-Put pear in a pot and fill with water until the pear is covered

-Boil pear until soft and can be pierced with a fork easily

-Remove from stove

-Remove pear from water

-Remove the skin from the pear and eat the white flesh of the pear

-drink the water left in the pot, pear tea to moisten and lubricant the lungs and calm cough

Here are your cold symptom Do's and Don'ts for this season:

DON'T: dairy, spinach - they both increase inflammation and mucus in the body (yuck!)

DO: romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber

These three foods eat and digest mucus and phlegm. Have that phlegm ball in the back of your throat you can’t seem to clear? Make a yummy Greek salad with celery!

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