• Lesley Heidrich

New Year, Resolution, and Addiction

As we start the New Year, I see a lot of new patients. I am constantly excited by the opportunity of creating real change. The hard part, is trying to explain why 'once a month' or 'just one set of 6' treatments will not work to alleviate a lot of the issues that come with treating addiction, so I will explain it here.

Addiction is not a disease of the body, it is a disease of the brain. It is the brain that tells us we 'need' something, not our hearts. In fact, our hearts often remind us that the addiction hurts.

What I do, is I create a disruption in that loop of thinking. I have a specific pattern of needle insertion that I swear by and love to handle exactly this. We treat your brain as a separate entity from your body. So, while your body is busy resting, the brain begins to say 'yes but we could feel so much MORE rested...wait. What? Huh?'. That's what we do to your brain, we stop the thought dead in it's tracks and get it to the point, where, for the first several sessions your brain is simply confused. It doesn't know how to finish the thought of wanting the chosen substance. It sort of trails off with a 'huh...'. After a few sessions, your brain starts to catch on to what we are attempting, and it joins in the ride, because the state of relaxation is so healthy and fully pleasing. After a few months, your brain is re-trained to love acupuncture, silence, and health, and you will be able to ride THAT high into once a month appointments, but GETTING THERE is what requires the time and effort. The way I look at it, for a Groupon and a Michelin Star dinner, you can kick your smoking habit this New Year with me.

Now that's something to toast to!

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