Live Patient Diary

Acupuncture is best explained by those being treated. Below are current diary excerpts from a patient being treated weekly. Late 20's, female, initially began treatment for anxiety, depression, and muscular pain. For more details I encourage you to speak with me privately during our session. 

After February of 2019, Patient no longer felt the level of anxiety as previously experienced. They are now going once a month for regular treatments.

Week of 2.11.2019

Day Prior to treatment - Nerve pain started to return, not sleeping well, anxiety as a result of nerve pain

During Treatment - Fell into a deep sleep on the table again, nerve pain dissipated

Day After Treatment - Slept for 9 hours, nerve pain mostly gone

Midweek Check In - Nerve pain has been managed, operating fully again

Week of 2.4.2019

Day Prior to treatment - Nerve pain is extreme, not able to sleep

During Treatment - Fell asleep on the table, nerve pain markedly better

Day After Treatment - Slept for 11 hours, pain is completely gone

Midweek Check In - Can feel nerve pain returning, anxious for my next appointment

Week of 1.28.2019

Day Prior to treatment - Second illness as a result of being on a plane, sore throat, stuffy nose, extremely miserable

During Treatment - Symptoms became almost instantly milder

Day After Treatment - Went from illness to mild head cold

Midweek Check In - Still congested but getting better quickly

Week of 1.21.2019

Day Prior to treatment - Illness is still present, feeling about 60%

During Treatment - Almost immediately my lungs started clearing up, I could feel energy returning

Day After Treatment - Was able to breathe while I slept, the difference is huge

Midweek Check In - Feeling about 95% - I can't believe needles can cure illness

Week of 1.15.2019

Day Prior to treatment - Extremely ill with some kind of lung infection

During Treatment - Treated lungs and immunity, Lesley gave me a natural herb to take at home for the next few days

Day After Treatment - My fever broke last night, still coughing, but much better

Midweek Check In - I can't believe how much better I am feeling

Week of 12.17.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Sleep is unbelievable I can't believe I can go to sleep

During Treatment - Treated wrist pain, worked almost immediately

Day After Treatment - The Supplement Lesley added has kicked in, depression is almost gone

Midweek Check In - So grateful, so much energy

Week of 12.24.2018 - 01.07.19 ON HOLIDAY

Week of 12.10.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Sleeping well, averaging 6 hours straight through

During Treatment - Did an energy treatment and I had so much energy I couldn't wait to get home and go for a run

Day After Treatment - Appetite has returned, anxiety has been minimal

Midweek Check In - Almost disbelief at the progress

Week of 12.3.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Sleep is better, not fully back

During Treatment - So relaxed tears streamed down my cheeks, fell asleep on the table

Day After Treatment - Slept for thirteen hours, woke up and went for a run

Midweek Check In - Have energy to begin working out again, appetite is returning

Week of 11.27.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Unbelievably tired and irritated, sleeping erratically

During Treatment - Mood almost instantly lifted, anxiety calmed

Day After Treatment - Slept incredibly well, woke up well with no anxiety

Midweek Check In - Noticeable difference from the week off at Holiday, less anxiety, sleeping better

Week of 11.18.2018 - ON HOLIDAY

Week of 11.11.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Only very minor anxiety, energy levels are stable, able to maintain a healthy routine, sleeping regularly

During Treatment -Fell deeply asleep, did not notice any needles at all

Day After Treatment -Feeling well rested, no pain, no anxiety

Midweek Check In -Massive improvement overall, minimal anxiety, minimal body pain, sleeping regularly

Week of 11.4.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Began suggested herb treatment, pain mostly gone in wrist and body, feeling overall much better

During Treatment -Calm and warmth in muscles

Day After Treatment -Sleeping well regularly now, was able to calm a panic attack, mood is feeling manageable

Midweek Check In -Feeling in control, appetite is good, anxiety is minimal, able to be present

Week of 10.28.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Nerve pain, congestion, feeling overwhelmed but no panic attacks

During Treatment -Very calm, no anxiety, no napping, increased energy

Day After Treatment -Able to breathe, no anxiety, sleeping excellent

Midweek Check In -Anxiety is incredible compared to 3 weeks ago, especially with the weather change and holidays

Week of 10.21.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Poor sleep, fighting off a cold, low energy, medium anxiety 

During Treatment -Felt energy increasing, hunger, calm for entire day

Day After Treatment -Slept heavily awoke feeling refreshed and with energy

Midweek Check In - No anxiety attack for the first time in years

Week of 10.14.2018

Day Prior to treatment - Tense and Run Down, Panic Attacks, Depression

During Treatment -Relaxed, napping, relaxation continued for several hours

Day After Treatment -Slept heavily, chest feels lighter, anxiety less

Midweek Check In - Only one low point, able to overcome, have more energy