Tarot, Chakra Clearing, Life Purpose Vibration Reset

The other side of time is where we get answers to questions in this life. Do you ever feel as though you don't quite fit in? As though no one understands you - or if you are missing the mark just slightly with your job? Romance? Does everything feel like it's one step away from where it needs to be? 

Whether tarot, chakra manipulation, or a total reset from past PTSD, there are ways to heal and be the person you are truly meant to be. Studying under well known Mediums and world renowned intuitives,  Jaycee has mastered the art of messages and communication with the other side. Looking into each individuals - past, present, and future - we are able to discover your true life purpose, and get you on the path to success whether it's love, career, or just plain advice - learn who your unique Spirit Guides are, and begin listening to the other side. Private testimonials available upon request.


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Tarot Reading - 45 min - $80

Energy Work - $150/hr

Chakra Clearing - this unique method of clearing gives a glimpse into childhood events that help shape who you are, and provides clarity and enhances your clairvoyance moving forward.

Full Vibrational Reset - See how your personal energetic space appears, and learn to manipulate your own energy as well as those you interact with. Chakra clearing, combined with breathing techniques, and the wisdom of tarot/ intuitive readings, you can gain control of your future and journey toward success.

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