Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System™

So, how does it work??

“From a TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] standpoint, the treatment is balancing your overall Qi thereby improving your general health and what you see on your face is indeed, at least in part, due to the state of your overall health.  From a more modern medicine point of view what is happening is that the needles are causing micro-traumas in the skin.  Since the body perceives that as an injury, it likely sends fibroblasts – cells that can form collagen and elastin – to those sites to heal them.  So there is the possibility that your collagen and elastin stores get more abundant from the needling.  The wound healing process may have the effect of balancing the dispersal of collagen as well so that results are overall, not just in certain areas.  Alll of this would explain why the skin tone improves, why your skin is more elastic/supple, and why things lift.”

Dr. Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Some Cosmetic Results include:

  • improved complexion and elasticity
  • reduction in fine lines
  • leveling of deeper lines
  • beginning of jowels can be minimized
  • improvements in acne and rosascea
  • skin gets softer, more vibrant
  • cheeks get smoother
  • overall skin tone becomes more consistant
  • age spots fade
  • reduction in “puffiness”
  • decrease in hot flashes and night sweats
  • brighter eyes
  • reversal of mild depression
  • resolved mild anxiety
  • improved digestion
  • increased energy
  • decreased insomnia


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